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Our clients often ask if we can apply our great payroll service levels to their legal HR compliance requirements. To be honest, to try would detract from our attention to payroll, and we do not want to do that. Therefore, we have teamed up with BusinessHR, an HR consultancy who share our customer service values, to offer our clients a great service at a specially negotiated price.

If you are facing the challenge of how to provide high quality, cost effective HR support at the same time as being legally compliant, then BusinessHR services can provide all you need.

The benefits of the BusinessHR service are:

  • Significantly reduced risk
  • Clarity of communication with employees
  • Time saving
  • Low costs
  • Consistency throughout your policies
  • Employee protection

The service is very easy to access, practical and legally compliant. It is designed to provide a high quality HR service, at a low cost. BusinessHR's range of ‘HR Care’ packages can meet the needs of employers of any size, with significantly reduced legal risks. The offering is built on:

HR Services

Through our relationship with BusinessHR, we can offer our clients practical and cost-effective advice on the full range of HR issues, helping to ensure your policies and procedures are compliant and effectively managed within the law.

Web support

A subscription to the BusinessHR interactive website gives easy-to-use access to a complete range of clear and legally compliant downloadable and customisable HR policies, contracts and letters. It also includes helpful step-by-step guides on a range of HR issues such as recruitment, appraisals and disciplinary matters, as well as a wealth of information on good management practice.

For more information on the BusinessHR website please click here.

For a webinar recording of Essential HR for small and medium sized businesses please click here.

Email and phone advice

BusinessHR's advice line is friendly, pragmatic and highly professional. BusinessHR will always confirm telephone advice with a follow-up email. Their HR advisors will also draft letters, review your contracts and policies and make site visits to see you, if requested.

For more information about BusinessHR packages please click here


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