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Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS)

We have reviewed the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme portal and it appears to be as user friendly as HMRC promised.

JC Payroll Services have set up a small dedicated team, to make claims on behalf of clients where we hold a current 64-8 authorisation form. This should include all of the bureaus clients as it is a standard form we get all new clients to sign (authorise on-line nowadays).

We have created two Excel claim tool spreadsheets which you will be required to use/complete if you wish us to make the claim on your behalf. Indeed you will need to use the tool even if you decide to make the claims yourself. The tool is free of charge and available below. 

The spreadsheets have some complex formulas which work out the amount you can claim given a number of scenarios outline by HMRC. It also has a simple ‘complete where blue’ system and good instructions so it should be easy to follow.

Furlough Pay Spreadhseet - July only

Flexible Furlough Pay Spreadsheet - July only

Furlough Pay Spreadhseet - August 

Flexible Furlough Pay Spreadsheet - August 

Furlough Pay Spreadhseet - September

Furlough Pay Spreadhseet - October 

Furlough Pay Spreadsheet – November extension

Furlough Pay Spreadsheet – December

Furlough Pay Spreadsheet – January 2021

Furlough Pay Spreadsheet - February 2021

Furlough Pay Spreadsheet - March 2021

Furlough Grant Claim Services Terms and Conditions


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