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Tax Investigation Insurance

Insurance against the professional costs associated with tax investigations.

Tax Inspectors regularly look at Employer Compliance (PAYE, P11D and NIC) matters throughout a range of businesses in order to identify potential errors - items such as employee status, casual payments and expenses as these areas often lead to potential discrepancies. Clients of JC payroll are entitled to take out an insurance policy to cover the firm’s costs should HMRC decide to investigate your Employer Compliance affairs.

Recent stories in the press highlight HM Revenue & Customs investigations into the affairs of taxpayers, and there may be justification for those particular enquiries. What is often not appreciated is that HM Revenue & Customs have the right to carry out what is known as a “Compliance Check” for any reason that they choose.

At JC Payroll Services and James Cowper Kreston we have experience of a wide variety of Compliance Checks. Some have been easy to answer but some have been technical to answer and have taken over a year to complete the check and bring it to a conclusion.

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To find out more, or to subscribe, please contact Jo Grieve or call +44 (0)1635 553261.  Alternatively contact your normal James Cowper representative.


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