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International Employees/Secondees

In our increasingly interconnected global economy, many companies are exploring opportunities beyond the borders of the UK to maximise their business potential. As a result, there is a frequent movement of staff, both into and out of the UK, to ensure that the necessary skill sets are effectively matched.

For employers considering international assignments, seeking expert advice is crucial due to the associated costs and risks. Sending an employee abroad can incur expenses up to four times their UK package, and it is essential for the employer to be fully compliant with all relevant regulations in the destination country. Our parent company, James Cowper Kreston, offers specialised advice in this area, ensuring you receive reliable guidance.

Once the decision to move staff has been made and we have provided guidance on how your assignees should be treated, the next important step is to ensure the smooth running of your payroll processes. The international assignment may have a minimal impact on your existing payroll system or may require a separate PAYE scheme under specific modified arrangements.

Drawing from our extensive experience in managing international payrolls for both Inbound and Outbound assignments, we currently serve numerous global employers, helping them streamline their payroll operations effectively.

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