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As a business owner, you are aware of the potential risks and costs associated with tax investigations. Tax inspectors regularly scrutinise Employer Compliance matters such as PAYE, P11D, and NIC in various businesses, seeking potential errors that may lead to discrepancies, especially in areas like employee status, casual payments, and expenses.

To safeguard your business against the professional costs involved in tax investigations, JC Payroll offers a valuable insurance policy exclusively for our clients. This insurance coverage ensures that you are protected if HMRC decides to conduct an investigation into your Employer Compliance affairs.

Recent news stories have highlighted HM Revenue & Customs' increased focus on taxpayer affairs, making it essential for businesses to be prepared. It's important to note that HMRC holds the right to conduct a "Compliance Check" for any reason they see fit, even if there's no apparent justification.

With our extensive experience at JC Payroll Services and James Cowper Kreston, we have dealt with a wide array of Compliance Checks. While some have been straightforward to resolve, others have required technical expertise and taken significant time to reach a conclusion.

Take advantage of our Tax Investigation Service to safeguard your business and minimise potential financial burdens during a tax investigation. For more information please contact Helen Cesar at +44 (0)7585171011, or contact your regular JC Payroll representative.

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